Announcement Image
Reconstruction, Compositing, and Image Sourcing
These little nuggets were getting ready to go home and I was asked to remove their wires, recreate the outfits, and "do something to put them in the same image together".  Here's the adorable result!
Family Portrait
Clipping, Retouching, and Compositing
I was given these 5 images of family members from cell phones and asked to make a black and white portrait for canvas printing.
Pregnancy Celebration
Retouching and Compositing
I was honored to help celebrate this young woman's pregnancy after she'd been told she could never have children. They missed the sunset that day when the photos were taken so I needed to add sky and the floating lanterns. I also did a lot of skin resurfacing.
Family Photo Edits
Compositing, Reconstruction, and Retouching
I directed this photo shoot and did all the edits as well.
I added the baby from another state to create a portrait of all of the cousins together and removed the picnic table.  I created a composite image from two which had people cut off to capture the moment of silliness. I've also included some examples of basic retouching.
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