Allaina Humphreys

I'm so glad you came by to check out my work!
The first thing you need to know is I believe that excellent graphic design should be available for all clients, regardless of budget or experience, and I work very hard to provide a high-end experience to every person and organization. I also exclusively work with nonprofits and those who make a positive impact on the world.
I have more than 18 years experience working in Identity and seamlessly use Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to bring my client's vision to life. I also use HTML, CSS, and Wordpress to create websites, create HTML emails, and design all manner of digital graphics.

It is my passion to focus and maintain branding while infusing creativity and excitement.
Finally, I pride myself on the education of and protection for my clients and their brands. I commit to finding the most high-quality, budget-friendly, and trustworthy print and service providers. I promise to help you understand each step in the process so you never are left to feel inadequately informed and I will never allow a service provider to take advantage of you. 
Please take a minute to say hello, introduce yourself or send me details of your project.

I can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you!
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